Bathroom Harmonization & Detox Kit (+ FREE Selenite crystal)

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Cleanse and detoxify your mind, body, and spirit of negative energy you’ve accumulated throughout the day.

How to use the Bathroom Harmonization & Detox Kit:

Cleanse your Aura with Amethyst and Rose Quartz. Place two Amethysts in opposite corners of the bathtub and visualize an energetic thread connecting them.

Similarly, two Rose Quartz crystals are placed in opposite corners of the bathtub, so perform same visualization.

Place Apatite near the toilet for improved cleansing.

Put four Black Obsidians in each corner of the bathroom to deflect negativity and create a shield of protection.

The stress of our day to day life in such a fast-moving world can be cleansed away making you feel relaxed and ready to be one with your surroundings. Take a Shungite infused bath or shower. Allow the release all harmful energy from EMF, stress, worry, or anything else.

To cleanse and reactivate your crystals (excluding Shungite which is a self-cleansing stone), lay them on or around your Selenite cleansing crystal for at least 6 hours weekly