Bedroom Harmonization Crystal Kit (+FREE Selenite crystal)

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Bedroom Harmonization Crystal Kit helps to calm and cleanse your mind from anxieties, thoughts or fears and promotes restful sleep.

How to use Bedroom Harmonization Crystal Kit:

2 Amethyst points: place under the pillows or on nightstands to ward off nightmares and encourage pleasant dreams.
Angelite: hold the stone in your receiving (nondominant) hand for 5 min to peace your mind.
4 Black Tourmaline stones: place in four corners of the bedroom to create a shield of protection.
2 Rose Quartz stones: place on nightstands to promote sound sleep and create nurturing ambiance in the bedroom.

To cleanse and reactivate your crystals, lay them on or around your Selenite cleansing crystal for at least 6 hours weekly.