Spheric Shungite Harmonizers (30-35 mm)

Spheric Shungite Harmonizers (30-35 mm)

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Spheric Shungite Harmonizers (30-35 mm) (shungite and soapstone/talkohlorit).

Shape: sphere Diameter: 35 mm (1.37 inches) Weight: 100 grams (0.22 lb.)

Material: one is made of shungite and one of soapstone (Tulikivi)

Shungite harmonizers are proven to be the best tool for meditation and spiritual healing. They have an ability to bring calm and peace to your body, relieve anxiety and stress, and help tackle the depression.

Normally a pair of harmonizers is made of different stones symbolizing two energy poles.

This way tullikivi (the Yang - harmonizer) balances the upper part of our energetic body and shungite (the Yin-harmonizer) in its turn stimulates the lower part of the body, thus making the life energy flow run smoothly through your body.