Stress & Anxiety Healing Crystal Kit (+ FREE Selenite crystal)

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Too much stress in your life can rob you of your sense of peacefulness. Locate your source of peace with Healing Crystal Kit and keep stress and anxiety at bay.

How to use Stress & Anxiety Healing Crystal kit.

Anxiety is a root chakra issue that relates to a sense of security, so working with this chakra can help you feel more secure. Sit quietly while holding a root chakra stone Hematite. Close your eyes and breathe in. As you breathe in, visualize peace flowing into your body and repeat the mantra:

I relax into infinite serenity.

Now, as you exhale fully, visualize your anxiety flowing of you. Continue for at least 10 min.

Blue Lace Agate has a serene blue color that is reflective of its calming properties. Carry Blue Lace Agate in your pocket to ease situational anxiety, such as nerves for a job interview or travel-related stress.

Create a circular grid with a Lapis Lazuli center stone and eight Clear Quartz Points arranged in a circle around the Lapis. Face the quartz points away from the Lapis toward the room. The quartz will amplify the calming properties of the Lapis and send them out into the surrounding area.

Carry Black Tourmaline in your pocket when you are feeling anxious. It’s a grounding stone that will absorb any negativity.

During times of stress, keep Obsidian and Angelite with you. When you feel stressed, hold the Obsidian in your giving (dominant) hand and the Angelite in your receiving (nondominant) hand and repeat the following mantra 10 times:

I release all stress and enter my place of peace.

To cleanse and reactivate your crystals, lay them on or around your Selenite cleansing crystal for at least 6 hours weekly.