Travel Protection Crystal Kit (+ FREE Selenite crystal)

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Have safe and happy travels with our Travel Protection Crystal Kit.

Blue Aventurine: To protect against travel disruption, the loss of luggage or personal items and for safety on holidays or weekends away.

Jade: Helps prevent you from feeling ill while on the road, and keeps backpackers or traveling students safe.

Black Onyx: For safety while traveling at night and against negativity anywhere.

Sodalite: Prevents fears of flying; hold Sodalite on take-off and landing; also counteracts jet leg.

Red Tiger’s Eye: Protects your money and credit cards and you against being threatened by unscrupulous people

Green Tree Agate: For car travel especially on fast, heavily polluted or crowded roads, for daily train journeys; helps to combat fatigue on a long journey.

Place your Blue Aventurine crystal in your luggage.

Carry your Black Onyx, Jade crystals, and Green Tree Agate crystals with you.

Hold Sodalite on take-off and landing.

Keep Red Tiger’s Eye crystal in your wallet or purse.

To cleanse and reactivate your crystals, lay them on or around your Selenite cleansing crystal for at least 6 hours weekly.